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September 16, 2021

09:31 AM – 09:39 AM ET

Transcript: CNN First Move_Interview Horace Luke




ISA SOARES: Now to a Taiwanese startup planning an electric debut on the NASDAQ. E-Scooter Company Gogoro announcing just this morning they will go public in a SPAC in a space which values it at $2.3 billion. Much of its value lies in its battery subscription service, which you're seeing on your screen. And this really allows customers to buy the scooters but rent the electric batteries, which are the most expensive element. Joining me is Horace Luke. He is the chairman and CEO of Gogoro. Horace, great to have you on the show. Congratulations, first of all. Let's start with this merger with Poema and your listing on the NASDAQ. Tell our viewers what this means for your business going forward.


HORACE LUKE: Thank you, Isa for having me on your show. It's a really exciting time for electric mobility. We started our company about ten years ago with the single focus to make cities cleaner and better for the future by changing how people use energy. Through the last 10 years, we've been able to develop technology that really did that. As you said, in the heart of what we do every day is this advanced battery swapping infrastructure that lets electric mobility happen within these big cities. We just recently announced big partnerships in China, big partnerships in India. We're ready to go big and by going on to the NASDAQ and listing our company publicly, we get to get access to the capital and then also at the same time provide the transparency and the credibility that our partners are looking for and the market is looking for.


ISA SOARES: Like you said, Horace, this of course will really give you fresh funds let's say as you look at expand. You mentioned India. You mentioned China. The two most popular stations in the world. Where else have you got your eyes set on?


HORACE LUKE: Well China itself, there is about—China and India themselves, there is about half a billion vehicles moving around on the ground today. If people don’t know in the West, over 50% of all individual commute miles done every day is on two-wheelers. Alone 63 million vehicles are sold annually across these two countries. That represents about 80% of the volume of the regular four-wheel vehicle. The market is gigantic, especially if you consider the energy, as you said, of renting the battery and renting it as a mean of a fuel that is cleaner and paying for those instead of paying for gasoline. Now of course the periscope is up for many other nations. There are many places with two-wheelers as the main mode of transportation. But our real focus right now is really just executing in China in a big way. We are launching in Q4 in Hangzhou and Wuxi quickly after that and five to six cities immediately after that in the early part of next year. And then later part of 2022, we're launching in New Delhi with our partner Hero Motor Corp, helping them transform their portfolio from the traditional ICE vehicle to now cleaner, better electric transportation, electric vehicles.


ISA SOARES: And if our viewers watching be it in India and China, if they want to do this, give us a sense of cost in terms of renting these batteries, Horace.





September 16, 2021

09:31 AM – 09:39 AM ET

Transcript: CNN First Move_Interview Horace Luke


HORACE LUKE: Well the amazing thing is what we did was we removed the most expensive part, as you said, from the equation, from the purchase. So, instead of buying a very expensive electric vehicle, you no longer buy the batter, which makes up about 30-40% of the overall cost of material when you build the vehicle. That in turn we can provide the vehicle at the same cost, if not even cheaper than a traditional gasoline vehicle. And because you pay just as much as you use the battery, you pay over time. And the equivalent of that against gasoline is about the same. Maybe slightly higher if you use less of the battery. But if you use a lot, it ends up being more economical. In a nation like India and China, people depend on these two-wheel vehicles in a big way to not only get themselves around town, but just essential part of their everyday living within these big cities. We see the cost of ownership over a couple of years of owning the vehicle to be about a wash from what they are used to in the beginning using ICE vehicle to now the electric vehicle.


ISA SOARES: And I know you already have deals with big scooter brands like you said, Horace, in China and India. But give me a sense of the growth of the subscribers of how well it's been received.


HORACE LUKE: Well in Taiwan, I'll give you an example of what we did in Taiwan. We launched our idea in 2015 in Taiwan. Before we launched, the electric two-wheeler in Taiwan did not even make up 1% of the market share. What's amazing is that since we launched, now it makes up about 10% of the overall market share when you count in all the gasoline vehicle. Now in comparison, Tesla has about 3.5% of the U.S. automotive market.




So we've done a really good job building up the electric two-wheeler to be now popular. Now what's amazing within that is us and our partner, we count Yamaha and Suzuki Taiwan, along with a number of other vehicle makers as part of our partnership to build these vehicles that uses the same infrastructure. And because of the ease and the fondness of using the battery swapping system, we're able to capture, amongst that growth of 1,000% in market share, we now have 97% of the overall EV market in Taiwan. Now in China, China is the center of electric vehicle today, but they are using these very environmentally damaging lead acid batteries. Through a new regulation that's been in place since 2019, there's about 290 million vehicles that over the next five years has to convert to more efficient, cleaner lithium ion battery. But because of the energy density of the lithium ion battery, it really requires a different way of charging these batteries. And that's why you see the popularity of at least people talking about battery swapping within China.


ISA SOARES: But let me ask you about battery, now that you've mentioned it, Horace. I mean what else do you think your batteries can be used for here? Give us a sense of ideas. What are you seeing in terms of possibilities here?


HORACE LUKE: Well I keep telling everybody within my company, with people I talk with, energy is at the center of all human innovation. You know, just the fact that I'm talking to you today has to do with power. And all we do is put that power into a very portable smart and connected way. Now mobility of course is the largest consumption of energy that you use every day. We can use these portable power to do things that are very, very different than just mobility itself. We've got projects that are going on that have wheels, that have more than two wheels, as well as things that actually don’t have wheels. Batteries can power many, many things, especially when it's portable. There's a lot of skunkworks project within our company that we're working on that takes these batteries to the next level to really use them for different applications that you think about the world changing to cleaner energy.





September 16, 2021

09:31 AM – 09:39 AM ET

Transcript: CNN First Move_Interview Horace Luke


ISA SOARES: Well we shall keep an eye on your business. We wish you obviously all the best of luck. Congratulations on your debut on the NASDAQ. Horace Luke, the chairman and CEO of Gogoro. Thanks very much. Great to have you on the show.


HORACE LUKE: Thank you, Isa.







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